White’s Wildwood Retreat, Chippewa Falls, WI | Chelsie + Kylee


I had never been to White’s Wildwood Retreat before and I fell in love immediately! They have a great ceremony location that is overlooked by a little bridge and a covered reception area. But my favorite part was the cabins! They have one on each side of the ceremony site and for Chelsie and Kylee’s wedding, the girls all stayed in one and the boys all stayed in the other! Such a perfect way to spend the night before the wedding!


Kylee+Chelsie-wedding-party-film-6 Kylee+Chelsie-wedding-party-film-14 Kylee+Chelsie-wedding-party-film-20 Kylee+Chelsie-wedding-party-film-41

Kylee+Chelsie-wedding-party-film-51 Kylee+Chelsie-wedding-party-film-66 Kylee+Chelsie-wedding-party-film-69

Kylee+Chelsie-details-film-12 Kylee+Chelsie-details-film-23

All images taken on nikon f100 and kodak portra400 film. For more of my work please visit my website Katie Leona Photography.


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