Jessalyn + Paul Engagement Session | Phoenix Park, Eau Claire, WI

These two are so sweet! I love when you can immediately tell how much two people love and care about each other – Jessalyn and Paul were definitely like that. I never had to tell them to smile or lean into each or hold hands because they were usually already doing it! It is so much fun to be able to share in the excitement of an engagement and the planning of the wedding. I met Jessalyn and Paul over at Phoenix Park and we had so much – especially with Paul’s firefighter gear!

Towards the end of the session a group of people walked by and one jokingly asked where the fire was and somebody else asked if he was the stripper they hired…it never really occurred to me how often he must hear that! But Paul is a good-natured guy and took it all right in stride.

For more of my work or to book a session please visit my website, Katie Leona Photography.

[nikon f100 and kodak portra 400 film]


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