James | Senior Session

I’ve known James’ for a long time – his mom is one of my very best friends! We started at Phoenix Park in Eau Claire and moved over to Banbury Place so we had some natural scenery and some industrial scenery! And he has a great sense of humor (most teenage boys aren’t thrilled about getting their photos taken 🙂 ) so we had fun!

James_Senior_Session_Film_6 James_Senior_Session_Film_5 James_Senior_Session_Film_4 James_Senior_Session_Film_3 James_Senior_Session_Film_2 James_Senior_Session_Film_1

All images shot on Bronica ETRS with Kodak Portra 400 film.


Molly | Senior Session

I had so much fun working with Molly! It was a little chilly in the morning but you never would have known by looking at her! She looked amazing and we had a beautiful setting – Lake Wissota! We started out in her backyard out on the docks by the lake then moved over to Ray’s Beach just a short drive from her house.

Molly-Senior-Photos_Film_1 Molly-Senior-Photos_Film_4 Molly-Senior-Photos_Film_5 Molly-Senior-Photos_Film_8 Molly-Senior-Photos_Film_9 Molly-Senior-Photos_Film_10Molly-Senior-Photos_Film_11

All photos taken on Bronica ETRS with Kodak Portra 400 film.