Mara + Luke | Wild Ridge Golf Course Wedding, Eau Claire

At their wedding reception at Wild Ridge Mara and Luke had a slideshow. One of the slides said “We can’t even take a photo shoot seriously!” with some of the photos from our engagement session last Fall. And if you know these two – that is so true! Mara and Luke are so easy-going, down-to-earth and always have a smile on their faces.

After a first look and some wedding party photos at Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire, we headed over to the Lazy Monk for a few cold beers before the ceremony! The happy couple and wedding party enjoyed the relaxed atmostphere and each others company.

Then we headed over to Wild Ridge in Eau Claire for the ceremony and reception. We had a gorgeous (kind of hot!) June day with the most gorgeous view. After the dinner the dance started – and I don’t think the dance floor emptied once!

Congrats Mara and Luke – I’m so happy I was able to be on this journey with you!

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[nikon f100 and kodak portra 400 film]

Metropolis Resort Wedding | Tessa + Jerry


It was a windy, warm Saturday for Tessa and Jerry’s elegant wedding at the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire, WI. Tessa got ready in fabulous suite and we took some gorgeous bridal photos of her. After she was ready they did a first look out by the sunflowers. They were both beaming and their smiles were infectious! After that we walked over to a little pond for some couple portraits and wedding party and family photos. The ceremony and reception were both held in one of the ballrooms which always makes an easy transition for guests! The DJ played YMCA and I think everyone in attendance was out on the dance floor! It was a beautiful day filled with lots of love and I’m so happy they had me as part of it.











Images taken on nikon f100 and kodak portra 400 film. For more of my work please visit my website Katie Leona Photography.

Schultz’s Country Barn Wedding | Sara + Justin

03920001Well what we thought for sure was going to be a rain-filled wedding day ended up being a wonderfully sunny, warm May day! Schultz’s Country Barn in Eleva, WI is a fabulous setting for a wedding with random, adorable decor (see car above!) and perfect country decorations in the reception area. Sara and Justin had intended on having the wedding outside but due to what we all thought was probable rain, they held the ceremony inside. The staff was able to quickly convert the ceremony set-up to reception area. Sara and Justin had the perfect combination of simple, country decor – and had a guest list ready for a good time! Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your relaxed, laid-back, very fun wedding!



Sara+Justin-wedding-film-2 Sara+Justin-wedding-film-4 Sara+Justin-wedding-film-5 Sara+Justin-wedding-film-6 Sara+Justin-wedding-film-7 Sara+Justin-wedding-film-8


images taken on nikon f100 and kodak portra 400 film

Justine + Derek | Wedding

Love getting emails from! Justine & Derek had a wonderfully warm September wedding a few weeks ago. Just got my hands on the film scans and am loving them! It was such a beautiful day filled with a big wedding party and lots of love!

Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_1 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_2 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_04 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_05 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_7 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_12 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_13 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_15 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_16 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_17 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_18 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_20 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_22 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_23 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_24 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_25 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_26 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_27 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_29 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_31 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_32 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_34 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_36 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_37 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_38 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_39 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_42 Justine+Derek-Wedding-Film_44All images shot on bronica etrs with kodak portra400, kodak portra800 and fuji400h film. For more information on my work please visit my website!